Working With Fresh Flowers 101

Working With Fresh Flowers 101

Aspiring Floral Designer? DIY Bride? Want to get started working with fresh flowers? Check out my Flower Prep & Working With Floral Foam videos.   Get the step by step below with links to where you can purchase all the supplies you need.


Flower Prep:

Whether you pick up loose blooms wrapped in paper from you local florist or order direct you need to properly prep your flowers so they look their best on the big day. Here are the basic steps you need to take.
1. Have a variety of small vases and large buckets available for your flowers. You need to clean them with a special solution called DCD to ensure the containers are bacteria free. Pour a small amount into the vase, add water and swish around and let sit for a few minutes. Then simply dump the solution into your next container and repeat. Fill you freshly clean container with water.
2. Next, add some floral food to your vase of water. Follow the directions on the product label for proper proportions. Stir thoroughly until the powder dissolves. My go to fresh floral food is Floralife® Flower Food. You can buy this in a powder or liquid form as well as in small packets or large buckets.
3. Before cutting the flowers and placing them into water, prepare a clean vase with Quick Dip Solution. This is a formula that will allow the stems to get maximum hydration and helps to keep the flowers fresher, longer.
4. Now that your vases are ready to go, take your fresh blooms, de-leaf and de-thorn and cut on an angle with sharp floral snippers. Dip the bottom of the stem into your quick dip solution for a few seconds and place right into the vase of fresh water.
5. Make sure no leaves are below the water line, this will cause bacteria to grow. Also make sure that large tall blooms like hydrangeas are in larger buckets and smaller more delicate blooms like ranunculus or anemones are in a smaller shorter vase so their stems are well supported and not being crushed by the larger blooms. When working with roses, be sure to leave them in the wrapping for a few hours to let them drink and strengthen up. After a few hours, take off the wrapping and allow the roses to open up before placing them into a cooler. All the flowers should be placed into a cooler or cold room in order to keep them fresh prior to your event.

Find all about the supplies you need and where to buy them at



Working With Fresh Floral Foam

Fresh Floral Foam is the perfect solution to creating fresh floral arrangements in a variety of shapes and sizes and allows you to use vessels other then a standard vase. Floral Foam comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The brick is the standard shape and can be cut to size for any arrangement. Here are the basic steps to properly using floral foam.

  1. Take your fresh floral foam, I prefer OASIS products,, and place into a large bucket of fresh water. Be sure to use a properly cleaned bucket and you can even add some flower food to the water. The foam will float on the top and sink to the bottom when it is fully saturated. Be sure to let your foam fully saturate so when stems are inserted into the foam they don’t hit a dry spot. For large jobs, I prepare my buckets and soak my floral foam overnight.
  2. Once the foam is fully soaked, take it out and cut to size for you dish. I always place the foam on a dish rather then right into a container so it is properly supported and secure. This way guest can take an arrangement of flowers without taking the rental vase. Your local party store, is a great place to buy small quantities and a variety of shapes and sizes of plastic trays and dishes.
  3. Place the foam onto your plate and tape down using floral tape. Floral tape will hold wet foam onto a plastic. Floral Tape is available from wholesale floral suppliers or online from  Always make sure the small dots on the foam are face side up. Now that your foam is taped and secure place onto your vessel and you are ready to design!


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