Winter Whimsy Centerpiece

How sweet is this whimsical winter wedding centerpiece! With just a few lush blooms in unexpected feminine colors and a touch of wintery details, this beautiful arrangement showcases the softer side of winter! Want to know what it takes to create this design? Whether you are planning a wedding, DIY bride or aspiring floral designer this video will give you the insight you need to create this look.

Check out all the how to details and ingredients below!

How To:


  1. Sanitize all of your buckets or vases with a bacteria killing solution called DCD. Rinse and fill with water.
  2. Add flower food as directed to the water. I use flora life powder. Stir until it dissolves.
  3. Use a quick dip solution to hydrate delicate flowers before placing into foam arrangements.
  4. De-leaf & de-thorn your flowers, cut on an angle with floral cutters, quick dip and place into water. Make sure no leaves are below the water line. This leads to the growth of bacteria and kills your flowers.
  5. Larger buckets work great for larger blooms like hydrangeas but for smaller more delicate blooms, keep separate in smaller vases that can support their stems.
  6. When working with roses, garden roses and peonies, keep them in the packaging they arrive in and let them drink for a few hours before un-wrapping them. Once you unwrap them, allow them to open up to their full potential. Once they are fully open, keep them in cool temps or they will start to loose petals and wilt.


  1. Start with a wet foam floral brick, cut to size and soak in water. Always drop the foam into a bucket of water and let it sink to the bottom to ensure it’s fully soaked through. Once it’s completely soaked place on a sturdy plastic dish and tape down using floral tape. Floral tape holds wet foam to plastic.
  2. Place your dish / foam onto your pedestal. I like to design on the actual vessel so I can make sure the flowers hang the way I want them to. Create the base of your arrangement with your greens and fillers first. In this case that would be the seeded euc and dusty miller.
  3. Next place your largest bloom which is usually hydrangeas. Now you have a good base going it’s time to add your show stopper, in this case, the Peony. You only need a few to make a statement. Strategically place them evenly throughout your arrangement so you get a balanced and visually pleasing look. I prefer to keep them a little above the surface so they can open to their full potential. It also gives the arrangement a more loose and organic look rather then having everything tucked in tight and symmetrical.
  4. Add your smallest and most delicate blooms last, in this case the hypericum berry. If you added these first they would get lost in the shadows of the bigger flowers. If you can’t seem to find space or the stems are delicate, add them in with a spiked water tube.
  5. Lastly fill in the holes with the various pine-cones and jingle bells. I tied twine to these items then taped them to a wooden floral pick. That way they were very easy to place into the arrangement.

Quick Tips

  1. A Lazy Susan is a great way to spin your arrangement while you are working so you can quickly and easily access it from every angle.
  2. Water tubes are my secret weapon. If you cut a stem to short or decide you want it to pop up above the rest of the foliage, you can add height with a water tube. You can also lengthen it even more in larger arrangements by taping the water tube to a wooden floral pick. Water tubes are also a necessity when placing delicate stemmed blooms into a foam arrangement. Ranunculus & Calla Lillies for example often have flimsy stems that break easily and don’t go into the foam.
  3. Floral Lock is another secret tool that florists use to glue in things like pine cones or heavy water tubed blooms that wont’ stay put. The extended straw like nozel helps you get into the center of the arrangement with the glue and secure everything in place.
  4. Your local party store is a great place to find study plastic dishes in all shapes and sizes to hold your foam. It also allows you to buy smaller quantities then if you are ordering from own online site or wholesaler.
  5. The shape of your floral foam will influence the shape of your design. In this case I used a rectangular shaped foam and got an oblong design. Floral foam is available in various shapes and sizes. Oasis is my product of choice.



1 bunch of Dusty Miller

1 Bunch of Seeded Eucalyptus

5 Green Mojito Hydrangeas

5 Blush Pink Gardenia Peonies 

1 Bunch of White Cool Rom Hypericum Berries

Assorted Sized Jingle Bells in Gold and Silver 

Assorted Sized Pinecones and Tipped White Pinecones 

Burlap Ribbon from

Mercury Glass Pedestal from Accent Decor,


This arrangement can cost between $200 – $275 based on seasonal pricing of flowers and area you live in.

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