Greens are a girls best friend!

Your Engaged, YAY! You found the man of your dreams, the perfect venue and your dress is to die for, double YAY! Time to get started on the flowers and decor…UGH. Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most exciting and stressful to do’s for brides.  You’re Pinning like crazy and drooling over thousands of inspiration photos of grand arrangements with lush blooms and fabulous details but dreading the cost at the same time. In reality, how many of us can really afford to spend $250 plus on a centerpiece? The truth of the matter is that those large grande arrangements take a substantial number of flowers to make, not to mention the time, labor and effort that goes into making them, delivering them and setting them up. All of those little table- scape details you are loving add up as well. There is also a misconception about candles. Candles are not cheap, especially anything specialty like mercury glass, colored glass, odd shapes and sizes or colors. Contrary to popular belief, pillar candles get very costly because they have to be contained in some type of hurricane or glass as most venues do not allow open flames. So What’s a girl to do? Over the years I have created centerpieces ranging from $75 to $875 per table. When Brides tell me their budget, I know right away what direction to steer them in and what to have them avoid. As always, sticking with flowers that are in season is a must and here are a few more tips on creating a centerpiece that will live up to your grand expectations and keep your cost at a reasonable amount.

  1. Greens are your best friend! Thats right, I said it, don’t be scared! Greens are inexpensive and can give you the size and scale you want without breaking the bank. The trick is to mix a bunch of textures and colors of greens to create your base. By doing this you can achieve a larger, ethereal and stylized look that can work with any design. Greens tucked in here and there also create an upscale look.
  2. Have your florist create the arrangement in floral foam then place it on a vase or pedestal. Foam allows more control over the size and shape of the arrangement and  gives a grander appearance then placing flowers right into a vase. Using greens as your base is key here because you will need them to act as the main component of the design so you can just pepper in some of those more                 expensive blooms.
  3. Hydrangeas are my go to bloom, specifically white, mini green and light blue. They are large and lush and give you the most bang for  your buck. With a base of greens and 6 – 8 Hydrangeas, you are on your way to a simply stunning centerpiece.
  4. For the container or vase, go with something low and basic. A simple glass cylinder or square vase is the most inexpensive option. You can also do a wood box, cake plate or pedestal. Another option is to go for an eclectic look and mix up your bases, like all glass or all wood etc. Once you get into vase or containers with fancy shapes and colors, your price will skyrocket.
  5. To add that wow factor or some extra color, choose 2 – 3 of your favorite blooms and just use a few stems of each in each arrangement. If you love garden roses, peonies, orchids or calla lilies, which are super expensive, you just need 2 or 3 strategically placed throughout or clustered together to get that lush look you are going for. I also love spray roses because each stem has 2 to 3 heads of roses, so one stem creates a little cluster of color and beautiful blooms.
  6. When it comes to the details that kick the look up a notch, consider something simple to add an accent to your blooms like a cluster of buttons, some ribbon detail, jewel or pearl accents or a few pinecones, seashells, feathers or any other seasonal item that adds depth and texture. Just a few make a big impact.
  7. For candles, keep it simple, clear votives are inexpensive and add a lot of romance and beauty to your table-scape. Opt for 10 -12 for maximum impact.
  8. If you are a modern girl, consider the same ideas as above but rather then lots of blooms, stick to all hydrangea and add a simple and modernly sleek beauty mark. That could be any singular item like a large peony or cluster of purple callas that only show up in one spot in the arrangement rather then spread out. Some other beauty mark ideas that I love are a singular burlap or paper flower, ribbon cascade, jeweled broach or ceramic knob.  Also, set the votives up in a strategic pattern or grouped together for a modern flare rather then spread out.

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