White Vintage Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

White Vintage Bridal Bouquet Tutorial

This white vintage bridal bouquet with a dash of whimsy is perfect for a winter bride. See how this beauty came to life on our video tutorial and get all the details, ingredients and how to’s below. Whether you are planning a wedding, DIY bride or aspiring floral designer this video will give you the insight you need to create this look.



  1. Pull out all of the flowers you want to use from your larger buckets of flowers and place into smaller vases so they are easily accessible.
  2. De-leaf & de-thorn your flowers so they can easily and quickly be placed into your bouquet.
  3. Have a vase of water ready for the bouquet in case you need to set it down while you are working. You can damage your flowers if you lay it down on a surface.
  4. Have your floral tape handy and precut a few strips so you are not struggling when it is time to wrap your bouquet.
  5. Also have some water tubes available for any delicate stemmed flower that you may have to glue in.
    Floral lock spray glue and floral glue should also be handy so you can lock all the stems or organic items in place when you are finished.


  1. To start, use your biggest blooms, in this case the hydrangeas. I like to use 3 for a larger bouquet. They will act as the base structure for all your other flowers.
  2. Make sure you twirl your stems rather then stacking them. This will ensure you get a nice round feel and can easily insert the other blooms into the bouquet.
  3. Grip the bouquet in a little circle that you create with your thumb and forefinger. This gives the bouquet security as you are working.
  4. Once I have my hydrangeas in place, I begin adding some greens to the middle of the bouquet as well as around them. For this look I want greens throughout and it is very difficult to add leafy greens later.
  5. Next I add in my largest bloom.  Take the stem and insert it into the bouquet by sliding the stem where you want it and pulling it through on the bottom.
  6. For some texture I used silver brunia balls, one of my personal favorites.
  7. Once all of the components are in, I use my floral tape to bind the bouquet together. The first layer of tape should be minimal and slightly loose so you can still adjust things if need be.
  8. Once it is secure I can spin the bouquet and check it form every angle to make sure it has a balanced shape and there are no holes in the design.
  9. Once I am happy with the shape, I create a collar of greens around the edge of the bouquet and put on another layer of tape more tightly then the first. This is the finishing step for this look.
  10. Now the bouquet is ready for ribbon. I use small floral pins that will hold the ribbon in place then use another pin to attach a ribbon cascade that I had previously prepared.
  11. To ensure everything stays in place, I use floral lock spray. The long nozzle is easily inserted into the bouquet so the glue can bind all the stems and wood pick together. This will keep the pine cones from falling out.

Quick Tips

  1. Water tubes are my secret weapon. If you cut a stem to short or decide you want it to pop up above the rest of the foliage, you can add height with a water tube. Water tubes are also a necessity when placing delicate stemmed blooms into a foam arrangement. Ranunculus & Calla Lillies for example often have flimsy stems that break easily and don’t go into the foam.
  2. Floral Lock is another secret tool that florists use to glue in things like pine cones or heavy water tubed blooms that wont’ stay put. The extended straw like nozel helps you get into the center of the arrangement with the glue and secure everything in place.
  3. Transporting bouquets is tricky! Use one of the long empty boxes that the towers came in. Use a knife to cut an X up and down the box. Leave about 12 inches in between each X . Push down the flaps of the X to create a hole. Then place a plastic cup into the hole and fill half way with water. My go to place for fat and short plastic cups is the dollar store. now you have a safe and secure way to transport our bouquets.


White Hydrangea
Silver Brunia Balls
Seeded Eucalyptus
Silver Dollar Eucalytpus
Dusty Miller
White Ranunculus
Polo Roses
Blizzard Roses
Mother of Pearl Roses
Quick Sand Roses
White Duchess Peony
White Mini Calla Lillies
Seasonal Greens

DIY Brides can use places like http://www.fiftyflowers.com to order fresh flowers. If you are a budding designer and have a wholesale license on the east coast, I recommend, http://www.dvflora.com

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