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Having children at weddings is a long debated quandary that every newly engaged couple struggles with. Are weddings really meant for kids? Well no, but how do invite your closest friends and family and tell them their children, whom may also be related to you can’t attend. This is especially difficult when your entire family and everyone you know will be at the wedding leaving no available babysitters for the little ones. At the end of the day, it is inevitable that there will be a few little ones running about at the reception. The key to keeping them under control and out of trouble is keeping them entertained. That is where the kids table comes into play! The kids table at a wedding is a must. It’s not however just a designated spot for wedding guests under the age of 14 to sit.  The kids table should be split up by age or gender. The key elements to a successful kids table are, theme, entertainment and supervision. 
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Theme ~ A themed table will add to the excitement of attending the wedding for the younger guests. I love the idea of sending out separate invitations to the children that play up the theme and exciting activities that will be awaiting them at the reception. How sweet is a Guys & Dolls Tea Party Theme? Have fun decorating the table to match your theme and providing lots of  activities for the everyone.  
Entertainment ~ Keep the little ones busy with games, coloring books, arts and crafts and food! Rather then have them eat with everyone else, opt for a family style buffet on the table for the kids to pick at at their own leisure. Having a decorate your own cupcake and cookie activity is also a great way to keep them engaged and full! Having a ballon artist or face painter is also a great way to break up the night especially if you have lots of kids attending. 
Supervision ~  Now that you’ve got a full evening planned, you will most definitely need supervision. This could come in the form of hired babysitters or a task delegated to teenage relatives. Having 2 supervisors is best so there is always one to keep an eye on the children and the other one to go and hunt down a parent if needed. The babysitters should also have a contact number and emergency contact number of the parents because finding someone in a crowd of 200 is not all that easy. Because the reception is 4 to 5 hours, ask the venue if there is a nearby room or space you can stage as a mini movie theater. Set up sleeping bags and a movie so after an hour or so of eating and crafting the little ones can crash in a separate less noisy room and enjoy a movie or fall asleep until the party ends. 
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