Planning for Indoor Wedding Pictures

Whether you’re getting married in the winter or worried about inclement weather ruining your picture taking plans, having a plan B is a must. Couples have visions of dreamy sun filled photo sessions and often choose a venue with scenic grounds or views that will be picture perfect.  They book their dream venue and hope for the best where weather is concerned. Trying to figure out your photo op on the fly is the cause of stress for many newlyweds. Being prepared and having a plan will set your mind at ease on wedding day. Here is my list for the perfect places for photo ops right at your venue that may not have crossed your mind.

  1. Find an interesting wall. Ballrooms, hotels and event spaces often have some type of feature wall. This could be a unique tile installation, wall paper or some type of wood work or paneling. This can act as a fun and unique backdrop for portraits.
  2. The lobby or entry way of your venue is also a good place to look. There is often a fireplace or water feature that could be an ideal spot. You can usually find couches and chairs in this space as well which are great for pictures.
  3. If your venue has a covered patio or entrance, this is also a good place to check out. This gives you natural light and protection from the elements. It can also give you access to those scenic backdrops you fell in love that may be seen in the distance.
  4. Scope out the pool if your venue has one! The pool room can be surprisingly fun to take pics in. Most indoor pools usually have glass walls giving you a view to the outdoors and providing lots of natural light
  5. If you’re not having any luck finding a spot, a backdrop kit may be a good idea. You can order a simple fabric backdrop and stand for under $150 from many online retailers. You can find everything from simple colored backdrops to sequined fabric and scenic prints.

Images Courtesy of  The Pros Weddings 

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