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When it comes to creating the perfect party atmosphere, choosing the right DJ can make or break your wedding. I had the opportunity to chat with Patrick Mazzella, Owner of Mazz Entertainment. Patrick and his team of seasoned entertainers produce hundreds of weddings a year at the top venues in NJ, PA and NYC. One things for sure, these guys are the epitome of professionalism, receive rave reviews and have getting a crowd up and moving down to a science!

Wanna know what we love about Mazz Entertainment? Not only do these guys know how to Beat Match  ( set the “tempo/speed/pitch” of two songs and play them so they are at exactly the same speed and time, making them sound like one song ) and Balance Their Levels ( get their music as loud as possible without it distorting) , they are a full on entertainment company providing clients with a multitude of services. From music, to lighting design, furniture rentals, staging, props, dance floors, photo booths and slideshows  to dancing in the clouds,  these boys know how to throw one heck of a party!

Mazz Entertainment Live at Mallard Island Yacht Club, NJ
Don’t ~ Provide a play list.  Your personal playlist may not necessarily be appropriate for dancing and may not appeal to the variety of guests at your reception. It will also limit your DJ to specific songs and musicians that may not gel with the crowd. Nothing is worse then a ballad or depressing music that can kill that dance floor.

Do ~ Trust the professional you hire and allow them to choose the music. Simply give your DJ a sense of the type of music you like, genres you prefer and the type of crowd you expect. A good DJ has “deep crates” which means they have a huge selection of music that covers generations of songs and genres. Allowing the DJ creative freedom also enables them to feel out and engage the crowd and keep them up and dancing.


Don’t ~ Hire a friend to man the DJ booth or rely on an iPod station for your wedding reception. This is a huge responsibility and can cause a lot of stress for all parties involved. Not to mention, nothing shuts down a dance floor like a lag in music, a technical glitch or an inappropriate song choice.

Do ~ Hire a DJ that has the most up to date technology and systems . This means they  are seasoned professionals who know how to deal with glitches and maintains  professionalism while spinning the perfect dance set. They are able to move through songs seamlessly on the spot and blend from one song to another without loosing the momentum of the crowed. They also know how to wind things down when its time for formalities or food service.


Don’t ~  Rely on your family, friends or even the Maitre’d to control the tempo of the evening. The DJ coordinates with the kitchen and controls the flow of the evening subtly letting guests know what’s going on, what’s up next and when to get the party started. It takes a seasoned professional to manage your event and nothing is worse then  the lack of structure or  clearing a dance floor when the guests are having a great time.

Do ~ Hire a DJ / MC Combo. This enables the  DJ to focus on the music and read the crowd while the master of ceremonies hosts your event, runs the timeline and coordinates with the event staff.  A good MC has a booming voice and is comfortable making announcements and being an entertainer for the evening. The team at Mazz Entertainment likes getting all the formalities out of the way at the beginning of the reception followed by the 1st course and a 30 minute dance set before dinner to set the tone for later.

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What songs are reigning supreme this season?

Heartland ~ I Loved Her First,

Brad Paisley ~ Then,

Ed Sheeran ~ Thinking Out Loud,

Rascal Flatts ~ I Wish,

Bruno Mars ~ Uptown Funk,

Pit Bull ~ Fireball,

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