Barn Is The New Ballroom

It’s official, barn is the new ballroom. Brides are ditching the ballroom for barns, farms and outdoor venues full of rustic charm and oozing with character. Barn brides love the natural beauty that a farm landscapes provides and the photo opportunities are endless.  There is also a serene and homespun quality with a focus on family, fun and friends that goes hand in hand with a barn wedding. Once you find the perfect barn, you can make it your own with props, flowers and decor! If you are considering a farm or barn for you big day, here is my list 0f barn wedding must haves!

The Perfect Barn Must Have…

  1. A Barn! Whether the barn is a usable space or not, the structure in itself brings that nostalgic, americana vibe that we are looking for.
  2. A paint chipped, peeling Silo. While this may be considered an eye soar by some, the rustic weathered charm of it has a magical quality and it makes for a spectacular photo backdrop.
  3. Rolling Hills and blue skies with no cars, traffic or residential developments in sight is what really makes for a magical setting.
  4. An Old Farmhouse to get ready in is a must! What better way to relax and enjoy every moment! Sipping sweet tea on the front porch while getting your hair and makeup done and enjoying the view as you get ready is just perfect!
  5. Animals! Nothing says barn bride like roaming chickens, goats and ducks! Horses and cows grazing in the pastures just add the magical feel and set the stage.

Now you’ve got the perfect setting, what makes it the perfect wedding venue? This is the fun part! Props flowers and decor are the perfect way to go from barn to wedding venue and set the stage for your big day. This styled shoot featured in the Spring Issue of NJ Bride features some of our favorite barn bride props.

Here is my list of must haves for the ultimate barn style wedding!

  1. Farm Tables
  2. Antique Farm Vehicles
  3. Antique Distressed Furniture
  4. Vintage Distressed Wood Doors & Windows
  5. Reclaimed Pallette Wood Beer Gardens
  6. Whiskey Barrels & Vintage Crates
  7. An Eclectic Mix of Ceremony Benches and Chairs
  8. Old Shutter or Wood Plank Table Runners
  9. Wagon Wheel Chandeliers
  10. Distressed Painted Mason Jars
  11. Vintage Metal Letters
  12. Glass Bottles, lots and lots of glass bottless
  13. Lush Greens in every size shape and color
  14. Lush Blooms with pops of vibrant color
  15. Bridal Braids
  16. A Touch of Plaid
  17. Red Accents
  18. Sunflowers ( just a touch )
  19. Milk Bars with tasty desserts!
  20. Fruits and Veggies ( as decorations, not to eat )






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